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Record Call no app/automatic Call record is a very important future for a regular user and those people who talk there all-important, secretly think with different people.

Nowadays this future comes with the official framework and android os version 11,10,9,8 even 7. But others os does not have this future.

For that, this tutorial for those people who unlikely miss it and using third-party apps,apks like me.

Before start, the backbone of this tutorial notes that you must have to root your device.

Watch: How to Root Samsung Device’s


First thing First, you must have a rooted Samsung device we talked about that. And install Super-Su.

Step 1: Enable ADB Mode

Open setting

About Device

Software info

Tep 5/8 times on Build Number

Go back and open Developer setting

Now find USB Debugging option

On it and Allow It

Step 2: Download and Install Samsung USB Driver

1. Samsung USB Drive official

2. Open the download Folder and Right Click on it.

3. Ran it As Administrator. Wait for a new window. On new window aks permission to install. Click on “Yes” to allow.

4. Read teams and conditions and allow it.

5. Then you will see the local disk’s default installation path. Leave it, also you can Chang the path where do you want to install USB drive. Click Next.

6. Wait few seconds after complete then restart your system. 7. Follow Next Steps.

Step 2: Download and Run GSD Tool

1. After complete the open download folder.Copy the zip file and past it into creating a new folder on the desktop

2. Now Extract it by WinRAR

3. Dabol click on the GSD tool to open it.

4. Now connect your device by USB cable.

5. Scan and allow the device to connect with ADB mode. After connect, you will see your Device model.

6. Now Check your devise info by click on Read info and Root checker to check device is rooted or not.

7. If you seeing your device is rooted “Congestions”. Now you are in the main topic.

8. To add a call recorder you need to flash your device. To do flash click on “CALL RECORD ENABLE”, After click on it it will ask for permission Allows all also aks Super-Su permission Grant it. And wait a second Don’t unplug the USB cable. After finish adding the call recorder file, you will see Successful information.

9. Once it’s done the Reboot your device.

10. Check your call dialer pad…..


Yes,Its safe and usable.

Gsd tool have differnt helpful tool like,

For Samsung
  1. Rebbot into any recovery mode
  2.  Enable Multi Language
  3. Enable call recoder
  4. Write File
  5. Lock Screen Unlock
  6. More And More
Other Brand

80% Futures have

No!Some android not have this future.If you upgrade your devices you maybe able to to get call recoder opstion on sail pad menu.

You can record audio and video upcameing and outgoing calls.You can’t record thirt-party apps calls like imo,whatsapp,messenger. 



We know we are useing offical method where no hideing,scaming.It a will show a icon on top ntification ber and after end call a another notification recordted sile where it saveed.

In thirt-paty apps or apks you cant hide both of but its scaminng.

So this method is ligeal. 

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